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Watapon 5600 ROM
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Author: Ryan Hunt
Views: 11816
Downloads: 0
Added: 3/10/2005
License: GPL
News: 11/05/2007
I have brought the feed, rom images, and home page back on-line.. This is NOT being maintained but is still available for posterity.. Despite its lack of maintenance it is still a very solid image. If you want to work on this project please contact me directly. -Ryan

Download links are broken, I cannot fix that..
Releases will be kept at:

* KDEPIM/PI 2.0 (2.0.17)
* Zeditor
* ZSafe
* gwCalc
* Opera 7.55
* Clock
* ImagePad
* Voice Recorder
* Terminal
* Advanced FM
* System Info (Opie - Modified)

* Clock
* Battery (better than default Sharp ROM)
* Volume
* KDEPIM/PI Alarm Applet
* Net Monitor
* SubApplet
* Tasklist Applet
* Memory Applet
* CF/SD Monitors (Default separate ones)

Visual Elements
* Crystal Icons
* ZCrystalBlue Theme
* Crystal-like Wallpaper
* Nice Startup Screen

Console Tools
* Busybox (with many standard Unix commands)
* Findutils (commands not provided by Busybox)
* Other default commands provided with 1.32 ROM

* 2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix
* Standard 5600 Config
* XScale Cache Workaround DISABLED (effectively doubles processor speed compared to default kernel)

* http://zaurus.nayr.com/feed/

Themes & More goodies
* http://zaurus.nayr.com

* Justin Snelgrove (aka chaos)
* Ryan Hunt (aka nayr)

Rom: Sharp
Model: SL-5600
Resolution: 320x240
Categories: Roms

Rating:9.8, 4 votes

Latest File Releases
Stable 4 1.6.1 Mon, Nov 5th 2007
Devel 1 1.5.6 Thu, Mar 10th 2005

End of Life
This software is no longer maintained, there are no plans for any updates or security fixes.

if you are interested in working on this project please contact me.
On November 5th 2007, Ryan Hunt give this project a 10.

Great Rom
This is indeed the best rom for zaurus 5600. Been using it for a few days, and just love it!.
Hope someone picks up the proyect and continues developing it.
Just my two cents.
On February 12th 2006, Aemuss Ssumea give this project a 9.

best rom for the 5600, this model is often overlooked so its nice to see an activly maintained rom for the 5600.
On April 2nd 2005, Ryan Hunt give this project a 10.

Yay, my project...
Thanks to dreadlocks for keeping this updated. It takes some work off me, giving me more time to make Watapon better. ;-)

Of course, I'm voting 10/10 for my own project.
On March 29th 2005, Justin Snelgrove give this project a 10.

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