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Author: Ghost
Views: 2824
Downloads: 0
Added: 11/16/2004
License: GPL
qmame binary compiled by LordDavon

I had to make a few changes to the code [READ: Removed a few games], but many, many, many, games are still available. This untar's to a 12MB file.

For those that like a graphical menu, install the Opie-sh package and created the following little loader file:
cd /mnt/cf/qmame
ls *.zip | cut -d"." -f1 > romlist
rom=`opie-sh -i -l -L "Select ROM" -t "QMame ROMS" -F romlist`
./qmame.ld -nosound -rp . -rr $rom

I have tested Ghost-n-Goblins, Gauntlet, Commando, Outrun, etc... Many will run fine with the -nosound option. Some need some adjusting to get the screen to fit. I will be posting the sources if I can find a place to host the 6MB file. It is not my project and all thanks should go to XXL (http://www.climov.com/zaurus/qmame/). I only made a few changes to get it to compile, but he did the port.

Requires: Zlib Libraries.

Categories: Emulators, Games

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