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smbmount for Zaurus
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Author: Ghost
Views: 2017
Downloads: 0
Added: 11/16/2004
License: GPL
smbmount - the missing one :)

ok, here it is - the long missing smbmount everybody asked for. No idea why it didn't come with the Zaurus (smbfs support is compiled into kernel!). Ok, visit the homepage for more details...

If you have problems concerning a missing libncurses, please read the info on the homepage, there's an download-link, too.

For OpenZaurus Users: OZ comes with an older version of libreadline (package libreadline4 is version 4.3) The smbmount package comes along with that library instead of another package. So if you install a package that requires linreadline4, OZ will overwrite the already existing libreadline4 (version 4.4) with an old version. This will make smbmount complain about libreadline and a missing symbol. Deinstall and reinstall smbmount to recreate the correct version of the library.

Categories: Network :: Clients, Utilities

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